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I hope you have had a great week. With three growing teenagers in the house, it sometimes feels like a full time job making sure there is always enough food in the house!

If you have been reading the blog for a while you will know that we scrapped breakfast cereals in our house a few years ago. I am super happy we have done this but it does require a little more work from me.  In this post I share what the kids have for breakfast - Changing the family diet – homemade breakfast ideas.

We have also added to this list, left overs as I find this a super easy way to make sure I have plenty of food ready to go for the kids. Now when I am buying ingredients for meals on the menu plan, I will buy extra ingredients for certain meals that I know the kids will eat left over for breakfast.

If you follow my facebook page where I post my weekly prep posts, you will often see I have extra food left over from our evening meals. Last week for example I cooked extra mashed potato and veggies.  I then used portions of the mash, added eggs to it and made patties for some of the kids for breakfast. I had also cooked extra lamb chops too which one of the teenagers had for breakfast!

Cooking extra for meals is one of the easiest ways to have food on hands for kids. The most common things I cook extra of are:
  • Sausages - two of the kids like to have sausages at breakfast, so I can give them a quick reheat in the pan as the eggs cook. One child will also happily have cold sausage sandwiches as well.
  • Taco meat - with a uni student in the house and the different hours he keeps, he will make himself tacos for lunch or even as a snack. A couple of the other kids are also happy to have taco meet in wraps for lunch.
  • Bolognaise sauce - a couple of the kids will take this for lunch in a thermos. Another couple will happily have it on toast for breakfast.
  • Hamburgers - the older kids will have them either cold or hot as a snack and they work well for lunches too.
  • Soup - always great to have for afternoon tea on a cold day after school.
  • Chicken schnitzel - perfect for lunches and the kids will grab a piece and eat if for a snack as needed.
  • Veggie sticks - when we have veggies with meals like stir fries etc I will cut up extra veggies so the kids can help themselves for snacks for school or after school.

It of course goes without saying that menu planning makes feeding the family much easier! You can download free templates and see ideas here if you aren't already on the menu planning band wagon. Menu planning not only makes the decision of what to cook easier, it also means you have a shopping list created and can simplify the shopping for food too.

We also have a small bar fridge that we have set up as a snack fridge for kids. It has fruit, veggies, yogurt etc that the kids can access any time and snack from. I wrote about it on the blog a couple of years ago here - Setting up a kids’ snack fridge

Taking time across the week to bake also means I have food on hand for the kids for lunches and after school. I document how I go about this in this post -  My weekly food prep process.

With five kids and two very active adults in the house, we go through a lot of food! Establishing processes and creating habits around food prep has been the key to making having enough food in the house to keep us all going!

I would love to hear your tips, feel free to hit reply and let me know how you keep enough food in the house!'

Have a great weekend,

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